Thinking Of Using An Automatic Car Wash? Read This!

Thinking Of Using An Automatic Car Wash? Read This

You know what’s a good way to spend your Saturday? Going to the car wash, testing the new equipment, or getting the vehicle waxed for a great look. It’s true that some people don’t want a car to go through an automatic car wash, but others find it the best way to get their car cleaned.

Like everything else, the pros and cons of using an automatic car wash are there. It can be a daunting task to keep a new car clean, as it needs effort, money, and time. An automatic car wash is a hassle free way to wash your vehicle. 

You drive the car through the premises, and it automatically gets a wash while maintaining the car’s condition. In this blog, we discuss both sides so you can decide the best way to proceed with the wash,

Automatic Car Washes

Hand washing of your car allows you to clean and dry every part of the vehicle properly. However, the hand wash process is a long process, taking too much of your time, especially if your vehicle is large. 

Using an automatic car wash makes sure that your is easily cleaned and dries quickly without needing much effort. Moreover, automatically washing the car makes it easy to clean the vehicle’s undercarriage, which is not possible or quite difficult in hand washing.

Pros of an Automatic Car Wash

Energy Efficient

An automatic car wash uses the best methods and latest techniques, which means it involves less amount of electricity and water for the cleaning. Using this method, you can save precious time on car wash, which means you can cut costs as the owner and the car wash experts also benefit.

Car Paint Protection

A car’s paint on the body is one of the most important features, which is why every car owner wants to protect it. 

If you use a rough brush to wash the car, it can destroy the paint of the vehicle and may cause some bruises. However, the automatic process doesn’t include harsh chemicals and is gentle compared to the other traditional methods.

Time Saving

You can save your time by using an automatic car wash, as you can go on about other activities and tasks while your car is washed. You never have to wait by the machine and keep waiting for the wash equipment to finish its cycle. 

Cost Effective

An automatic wash is quite less expensive than anyone else washing your car. The expenses can depend on the system you use for the automated wash. There are two options: a high pressure wash vs. an automatic brushless. 

An automatic brushless car wash is still cheaper than a regular process of hand wash. The automatic process is always less expensive in the long run. You don’t have to repeatedly pay any extra charges every time as you only need to get your car washed less frequently or once a month.

Thorough Process

The automatic wash system does sufficient work per unit of time. It cleans your car thoroughly from every nook and corner, which might be hard to reach otherwise.

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Cons of an Automatic Car Wash

Safety Issue For Electric Cars

You don’t want to take any risk if you drive an electric car. High pressure is not a safe option for EVs as it can damage their electric motor or sensors. So, any negligence or high pressure wash can be costly for your EV.

More Water Use

Using a friction based automatic car wash literally means 132 litres or 35 gallons of water for each car. And that is even more water than you use with a hand wash process.

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of an automatic car wash from an environmental angle of the process. Today, it’s so important to save water as the climate change effects are upon us. Automatic washes are quite bad at it.

Water Spots

Worn out and old equipment can leave water spots on your car upon air drying. Even if your chosen car wash facility has a super hair dryer, it can still leave watermarks. 

Moreover, if the facility gives a thorough clean, your car may still look dirty because of the spots. Industrial water use in the facilities contains high calcium deposits and is not filtered. 

When the water on the car’s surface dries, the calcium deposits dry quickly but also leave mineral deposits that can’t easily be removed.

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